The Wednesday Witch

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Beginners Tarot Class

A one day intensive intuitive tarot workshop designed for those who are brand new and those who want to deepen their practice. We will meet from 11AM-1:30PM on Sunday, September 22. The class will cover the Major and Minor Arcana, astrological connections, and practice with several spreads. Laura will provide energetic support to strengthen intuition and open your third eye.

If you have never read for yourself or want to gain confidence to read for others, this class will help strengthen your connection to the cards. $44. Sign up here. 



Leo Season Tarot Forecast (July 22-August 23)

Leo Season (July 22-August 23) tarot forecast by The Wednesday Witch that covers the fire trine trifecta and integration after Mercury retrograde. A longer written treatment of this reading available for patrons.

Energy Healing

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