Astrology Readings

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Zodiac-Barocius-1585At the moment of our birth, for just a few minutes in the sky, the alignment of the stars reflects a map of our life. These planetary positions portend the strength and talents we possess, as well as the challenges we may face during our lifetime. Astrology, the study of the relationship between the cycles of celestial bodies and the lives of people on earth, offers a key to deciphering this guide.

From the Greek astron (star) and logos (word or speech), astrology means “star talk.” The purpose of astrology is to better understand ourselves and our relationship to the cosmos. Astrology readings can illuminate your soul’s purpose on earth, the style in which you carry out that work, and the blessings and trials you may encounter.


looking down w crystals_sm_sm bwIt is said that tarot offers a mirror to the soul. The  cards depict our emotional and spiritual landscape and provide insight into our innermost selves. Often the cards validate our intuitive knowledge, help us gain confidence, and open us up to greater awareness. By looking inward with a fresh perspective, we grow deeper in understanding of our lives.

rage_sm_sm_bwTarot decks first came into popularity in 15 Century Europe, but are part of an ancient system of divination. Tarot is powerful because it offers a pictorial representation of our soul’s journey through this life. For hundreds of years tarot has been used as a tool of guidance for people seeking answers. Whether you have a specific question or a general curiosity, tarot readings can assist you in navigating the path of your destiny.

Energy Healing

rose of venus 2Laying on of hands is a timeless healing art. Since antiquity, people have sought to relieve physical, mental, and emotional suffering through channeling the divine to heal loved ones. Although most of us no longer live in a village with a designated wise woman skilled in one craft, we are fortunate that there is an abundance of energetic healing modalities available today. An increasing number of people are awakening to the holistic benefits of these practices as a compliment to traditional medicine.

Energy healing is effective in treating all types of illness, from chronic to severe, and can have secondary benefits of alleviating stress and anxiety as well. Sessions are nurturing and relaxing, leaving the recipient feeling rested and restored afterwards. Over time, energy healing can have a profound transformative effect on the physical body, and improve mental and emotional health and well being.